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Suspension Problem


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Hi all,

Thank you for viewing my post, I have 2006 Lexus LX470, actually I just bought it several months ago, and it was running fine until recently I went off-road and realized that the suspension wasn't working so good, so I decided to change it, all 4 of it. When I went to the dealer they offered me a very high price, which I can't afford right now. So, I'd like to ask whoever knows a place where I can find good (preferably OEM) Lexus LX470 suspension to help me out here.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


Thank you!


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I have a 1998 lx 470 and am having the same problem with the front end bouncing. I have read the forums and do not want to spend several

thousands of dollars to fix this problem. The mileage on my car is 129,000 and is in good shape other than the bounce so I am not ready to get

rid of it either. I have been told that there are many miles left to go for this vehicle. I have priced a conversion kit from Suncore at 545.00, I have

also gone to my local Salvo's and priced parts for a 1998 Landcruiser which I am being told has the same chasis as the 1998 lx470. I can by the

front shocks surrounded by springs for 180.00 and the rear shocks for 120.00. I have also priced the rear springs for 100.00. Replacing all of this does not look that hard to do. My question is what happens to the computer sensors that operate the self leveling system originally installed and is there a way to disconnect the system. My concern is that the computer may send type of signal and keep the warning light on inside the vehicle.

Any help or input from someone whom has replaced would be greatly appreciated.

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