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Help! Headlight Trim Impossible To Locate!

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Hi, After a day of unsuccessfully searching the Internet for a part I stumbled across this site. I am hoping some one can help me locate what seems to be a part no one has for my 2006 GS300. I am not sure what it is called (as I've seen it listed a variety of ways), but can easily describe it. On the driver's side headlight there is a silver chrome trim of which only the top center portion is missing. I think it may be a portion of the headlight washer assembly which my local dealer tells me I will have to totally replace at a very high cost? Does anyone know the part name, number or a possible supplier? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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Hi, Sorry went out of town. Yes cduluk that is exactly the part as you have pictured. I understand it is the headlight washer assembly which will need to be replaced as the entire unit vs. just that one piece? If correct, I can't seem to find it used anywhere! I appreciate your help!

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Do you need the larger trim highlighted in red? Or the smaller piece not highlighted?

I'd try ebay or for a used headlight and transfer the trim to yours...

Or just order a new one via the link steviej posted above. <_< Although will have it cheaper.

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