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Question About My Radiator


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hi everyone,

i bought a Lexus 6months ago, it is 1997 es 300, i am the second owner,

have changed timing belt, brakes, all the oil,

but the mechanic guy told me that my car has a original radiator,

and i should consider to replace it.

My question is.... i am not sure about it even though he said it was original and old...

when should i change the radiator? i don't see any leaking water yet..

and how to determine if the radiator is original?

On the radiator, there said:

"Toyota 2009

D 422131-3350

2S Japan

UJ/" and "PA66-GF25"

So my radiator is made in 2009 @@? but it looks pretty old....

and It is Toyota @@? but my car is LEXUS @@?

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You change the radiator when it fails and not before then. If it's not leaking coolant and it's not running hotter than it's supposed to then replacing the radiator would be like replacing your watch because it's not new even though it works fine.

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