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Audio Problems Constant Skipping/static

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I have a 2007 Lexus RX350. My brother was driving my car and popped the tire. The front right tire shredded ripping some chords above the wheel.When it returned from repair (not at lexus) the audio was no longer working. I am unsure if the problem is related to some of the chords that were ripped or if the problem is something else. I took it to Lexus for diagnosis and I was told the problem was the Amp. Before purchasing a new Amp I had the amp tested in another car, the diagnosis proved the problem was not the amp as my amp worked fine hooked up to an audio system. Another Amp also had the same problem hooked up in my car.. It skips on the radio and CDs. The navigation audio is the only thing that works.

My question is does anyone know what else it could be? Or where to look.

I was told to remove the head unit and check the wiring. I did this and nothing seemed loose.

I am taking my car into lexus this friday and I would like to have some understanding of the problems or possible problems.. or fix it on my own before hand if possible!

Thanks in advanced..

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We have had the same problem on our 2002 SC430 radio for a few years - funny that it skips when ever the radio station was selected from the pre-set push buttons but if you then rotate the tuner knob up or down a few stations and then come back to the one that was skipping - all is fine. Until you do it again, - push buttons = skip; manual tuning = no skips.

Now the CD is starting to skip as well.

Be interested in hearing what Lexus did for you.


Tom W

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