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2007 Is Faling Apart

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so after 4 years my 2007 Lexus IS 300 (looks like the 250 and 350 but is a non-US model) is falling apart, conveninetly enough for Lexus just after my warranty expired.

- Cost of Navi Replacement: $2,200 with installation

- Cost of rear sunshade: $1,000 with installation

needless to say I am not ready to pay that kind of money for fixing this stuff. The only real issue that I have is the touchscreen to be honest (everything on the dash works except the screen) and thats only because its a pain in the neck to control the AC using the auto controls (air is too strong or temperature is too low, cant get that perfect balance). I do live in a hot climate so it very well could have caused the damage to the nav screen.

I looked around in a lot of forums (this one included) and was told I can purchase a stand alone screen through ebay, but found anyone aware of any shops or people in the DC/Virginia area that would be able to sell me just a screen? I am willing to even buy it from anywhere including international locations....

better yet if anyone knows a screen i can use other than the OEM that will work with lexus nav that would be great...apprciate your kind help and support :)

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