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1993 Ls400 Slow Rev, No Power


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1993 lexus ls400 257000

Recent replaced my timing belt and water pump. Car was running strong before hand. Now it runs and revs sluggish. It revs up to 6k with no misfiring etc. It just seems like it is revving slower than it should. What could be my problem. Guy i bought it from neglected it. It does have an exhaust leak, driver side. Also my timing was off so i took off the belt and redid my timing. It looks like its dead on, but this is my first time doing a timing belt. Even if it was a tooth off, would it rev up to red line without misfiring and such. Also my idle drops when i turn on my ac, and it stays lowered until I turn the ac off, it didnt do that before hand. Like i said it was highly neglected but it drove with power now it feels like it doesnt. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Replaced:(Parts list are parts that need to be replaced anyways)

Spark plug wires

ignition coils (both)

distributor caps (both)

rotors (both)

fuel filter

pcv valve

air filter

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The first thing you have to do is confirm that the camshaft timing is exactly correct. There is no "close" - it has to be dead on. It sounds off to me. Exhaust leaks will admit air to the O2 sensors and throw off the mixture. Fix those. Then you should confirm that all eight cylinders are firing - an old style timing light will help - as the coils are known to fail, and the engine will run relatively well on just one. What's happening in your video is not normal. The engine should sound like a big electric motor when all is well, and be vibration free.

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