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Fresh Oil Change And The Oil Light Came On..


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Good to be part of a LEXUS forum!

Anyway i did my oil change which i have always done myself (never had a problem). I used 5w-30 Mobil 1 synthetic with Mobil 1 filter, filled it with about 4 litres and took it for a drive. The oil light came on!! the 8 years i have owned this car and done the oil changes i have NEVER seen the oil light. WHATS UP!?!?

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Just checked oil level to make sure i didn't go over. I put in 4.25 liters I SWEAR!! There is no oil on the stick!!??

Yes the drain bolt is tight... yes the oil filter is tight... no oil on the driveway... WHERES MY OIL!!??

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People make mistakes. Add more oil to the fill line on the dipstick and see what happens.

Well i made a mistake! 1st bad change outta many. haha

For some reason i put in 4.5l when i should be puttin i 5.5l geez.. maybe i shouldn't be doing my own changes :chairshot:

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I've seen people put the oil into the transmission, radiator and washer fluid container on accident. If you poured the exact amount in, the oil should be on the dipstick. It either leaked our is somewhere else. Check elsewhere for oil.

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