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Oil Question


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Just purchased a '94 LS. I'm wondering how I can tell if the oil in it is regular or synthetic?

I assume the two can't be mixed?

Also, I'm not sure what to ask for when I get an oil change. Can they be interchanged at that point?

Are there other things I'm not aware of?


I appreciate any advice. :-)

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There is no sense worrying about what kind of oil is in the engine now. None. Change it to whatever you want and be happy. I can't think of any synthetic that is not compatible with conventional oils. No worry there. Most like Mobil 1 synthetic 5W-30. I've used Mobil 1 since it came out in the late 70's and there are no problems using it. Visit the Mobil website and read up on it. The biggest thing is to change the oil on a regular schedule and enjoy the car. No need to over think oil changes.

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I agree with SRK. You can mix regular "dino" oil with synthetic and no harm done. They even sell a synthetic/regular blend. But the most important aspect is to have your oil and filter changed at regular intervals (5k miles is a good compromise). You can go synthetic, dino or a blend. And do not be too concerned about what brand of oil. Most all oils today meet SAE performance standards and will serve you well. This is one of those areas where you really can't go wrong IF you just change oil and filter in a timely fashion.

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