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Lifgate Opens Only Partially.


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Can not get the rear lift gate to open all the way. Tried manually, with key, inside button etc. Will only open

about a foot, and you can't force it to go any higher. Something is locking it.

Any help appreciated.

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Sounds like a failed strut on one side or the other. There isn't much else to cause the symptoms you describe. If you determine that's what it is and you have to get ugly with it and cut it out, remember: those are gas-filled struts and there is both oil and nitrogen under pressure inside. If they are the original struts, much of the pressure has probably leaked down but there is still a mechanical spring which will release all it's energy at the first opportunity.

If it is a strut, I'd suggest you look here for a replacement: Mr. Lou's Lift Support Depot These will cost a LOT less than those from your friendly Lexus parts department and they'll also last a LOT longer based on my experience with 3 sets of OEM struts and one set from Mr. Lou.

Let us know what you find out.

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Disconnected one of the struts, and it did slam back down with a lot of force. Luckily, I got my fingers out of the way. However, still can't open more than a 8 or 10 inches, and I don't think disconnecting the other strut will help. I think whatever causes the hatch to open and close is jammed or stuck some how, and not releasing.

Any further ideas?

Thank you,


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At this point, I'd probably consider disconnecting the other strut. If the hinges on your RX330 are similar to the ones on my RX300, I just don't see how they could cause the problem you are seeing. It's either the hinges or the other strut. I don't see where else to look.

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