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Looking To Install Sirius

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I have a 2007 GS350 w/Nav and ML.I have the SAT button on the stereo so I know it's satellite radio ready. I found the OEM XM kit at Sewell but I would really prefer the OEM Sirius since I already have 3 Sirius accounts and adding another only costs $7 a month as opposed to $17 a month with XM and Best Of Sirius(I need to have Howard Stern). I can't find the Sirius OEM tuner that mounts in the trunk anywhere. Does anyone know if I will be able to find one or am I out of luck? I found plenty of aftermarket Sirius kits on EBay but they all mount behind the Nav and that's not what I prefer.

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I installed Sirius in my '07 GS. The tuner does indeed get stuffed in the dash. That's a bit of a challenge, not a lot of extra space in there. It doesn't really matter where you place it since you won't see it again. I got mine on eBay but, if i did it again, would go direct to iSimple at . The $220 kit came with an accessory input for standard 3mm mp3 player but i opted to get the iPod connection instead. This way i can connect my iPhone & direct it all from the head unit. NOTE: Read the directions on the order of making the connections. If you hook the line to the head unit before connecting the I/O it WILL NOT WORK and you'll scratch your head for an hour like i did. Just follow the directions & you'll be fine.

The only downside to this kit is that it does not come with a means to connect to the OEM shark-fin antenna. They supply the stupid little antenna thing that i REFUSE to put on my car. Just search eBay for TOYOTA/LEXUS SHARK FIN ANTENNA CONNECT CABLE XM/SIRIUS and you'll find it for around $60. The real trick is finding the end of the OEM antenna lead. I found mine in the trunk, passenger side, over the wheel well. You'll just have to be patient & go fishing around. Best of luck.

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