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:) Hello All,

"Newbie" checking in with a couple of questions...

I purchased a '99 RX300 last year that I've been pretty pleased with so far. This is my first Lexus, and I am thoroughly impressed with the overall quality of the brand. However, l'd like to educate myself concerning any potential problems or issues which may be common to this car.

I've noticed that several posts on this forum mention transmission concerns, i.e. transmissions going out, balky upshifts when cold, etc. Is there a recommended fluid that should be used to help preclude problems? If so, what's the brand, type, etc?

I've also noticed that my headlight enclosures have begun accumulating moisture or condensation inside the sealed housings. Is there a remedy for this, or am I looking at having to replace the housings?

Thanks - - I appreciate any helpful responses.


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