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Knock Sensors Malfunction


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I have a Lexus RX300 1999, 4WD. I had a Check Engine light on my dashboard. When scanned, it says its the KNOCK SENSORS (2), so I changed both of them at the garage. The check enginge light came back after 10 minutes of driving. After another scan, it reveals that its still the knock sensors. I dont know what to do.

Anyone has an idea?

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You only need to post a subject in one forum. I deleted your other thread.

Did you test the sensor you put in? Are you sure your using the right sensor replacements? Did you clear the codes in the ECU?

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are they new sensors? had the same problem and first I installed used ones and they did not work at all, had to buy them new and after that very important you have to clear the code or the light will comeback, check with the shop you replaced them and make sure they used brand new sensors, other thing is the wires hooking the sensors could be damaged and in that case i thing the scanner will give you the same code (the wire is about $100 or something like that) even worse the computer can be damaged I did all that work before I decided the replace the sensors.

first I checked the wires you can use a multimeter to do that really easy

second I made sure the computer was not the problem

after I did all the work got to the point that it was really the sensors, but since you paid good money to a shop they probably did that and even more before they got to the conclusion to change the sensors.

good luck!

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