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2003 Gx470 Cargo Cover


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I have a 2003 GX470 without the 3rd row seats. Somehow I misplaced my cargo cover. Lexus says it will cost $1000 to replace it!! I am trying to find out if the cargo cover for the 4Runner will work, but can't seem to find out anywhere. Lexus of course said no. Any advice?

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my color is tan...thank you so much.

out of curiosity, which one do you like better?

Sure thing. Reason I asked the color is because the 4Runner doesn't have a charcoal colored tonneau cover just in case it will fit in the GX. Since you have tan and if it works, then you'll be ok with the color matching.

It's almost like comparing oranges and tangerines. The 4Runner feels cramped (I have an 06 which is the 4th Gen 4Runner) compared to the roominess of the GX. Both share a lot of similar characteristics (and parts too). Braking is better in the 4Runner because it is a lot lighter than the GX though. Power is the same IMO even though my 4Runner is just a V6 (there was a V8 option which is the same V8 engine that our GX has). Also the 4Runner is more handy for everyday trips around town.

Comfort is where I believe the difference comes in. You won't notice it on short trips but it is noticeable on long out of town trips. The GX feels like you're just gliding through the freeway when going on a long trip which makes you feel relaxed after the long trip compared to the 4Runner. The 4Runner isn't rough or anything but that extra cushion does help you drive farther with less fatigue. In short, if let's say you normally feel tired after driving 3 hours, with the GX you probably can drive maybe up to 6 hours before you start feeling fatigue.

So I like both in their own ways.

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I really have enjoyed my GX, other than the often pricey services, I've had no problems (knock on wood). You are right, the ride is smooth and just the luxury that goes with Lexus makes a huge difference.

We are moving to Manhattan and will be parking in a monthly public garage, so I just want to be able to leave some things in the car without having to worry.

I see a lot of covers for the 4runner on ebay, none for the GX. So hopefully it will work out.

Thanks again.

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I tried it out and no luck :( The 4Runner tonneau is a little too wide so it rubs against the side panels while pulling it, and it doesn't seem to extend out far enough to where it will lock and stay put. The 4Runner's is apparently wider and shorter than the GX's trunk

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