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Yokohama Advan S.t.

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I am offering my review of the following Tire, the Yokohama ADVAN S.T.

Today, I have put on approximately 1250 miles on them since installing them a couple of weeks ago. I have some data to compare with my previous two tires, both manufactured by Good Year and with completely different viewpoints.

The factory Good Year tires in the O.E.M. tire size were terrible in all aspects (tire noise, drive comfort, wet and dry handling). After the first oil Change, I swapped them out for Good Year Eagle Responsedge in a more appropriate tire size for our class of vehicle and weight, 255/55-R18. This tire exceeded my expectations in every department, they were super, super quiet. Excellent dry and very good wet weather traction. They were smooth throughout their entire tire life (which is usually pretty rare) and I put on approximately 33,000 miles on them (I use full blown winters, and do not drive much in winter) before they were replaced.

I took the time to break in the tires (YOKOHAMA ADVAN S.T.) and scrubbed off the usual tire dimples and the anti adhesion silicon used to release a tire from there molds. I drove over various distances, but base my opinion mainly on one long trip along the eastern coast (from Montreal to Maine). I took both scenic routes, city roads, and highways. Experienced both hot, humid weather conditions, as well as cooler climates (mountains) and rain.

I found the tires to perform well, and delivered what I was expecting from Yokohama. The comfort factor, driving over various road conditions were superior to the Respondege, probably due to the fact the Good Years used a very stiff Kevlar sidewall. But, I found the Respondedge to be a quieter tire.

One big difference, was the Yokohama Advan S.T. is a fantastic tire if you happen to drive over roads where you tend to have tracking issues. By that I mean, grooves in the road or severe road wear where you see grooves that cause the tire to want to track like a train on a railroad track. The Yokohama Advan S.T. was FANTASTIC, literally ignoring any kind of road grooves, imperfections, and driving on exactly where you want to go, even when changing lanes!!! I did not experience any kind of tugging or tracking by the tire, whatsoever. If you happen to live in areas with high traffic wear (LA, NYC etc...), or roads with grating grooves that cause your vehicle to want to steer off direction, then I HIGHLY recommend this tire.

I also found the Yokohama ADVAN S.T. to outperform the Responsedge in rain as well, marginally better (not a huge, huge difference, but in rain every little bit helps), even when the Responsedge were new.

Now, if only the Yokohama Advan S.T. can improve somewhat in the next 1000 miles or so in terms of road noise, then they too can exceed my expectations.



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So do they make more noise than the Responsedge? I am using my original Michelin's and have 35K on them in NYC. Shopping for new tires now... So I need tires that can handle rain and snow since I will not swap them out. Would these qualify?

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Hey Emim,

Absolutely not. These are Pure Summer only tires, classified as a high performance SUV tire for summer use.

You would be looking for a four season tire, and if you search the forums, some members have chosen the Yokohama Prada. I have no experience with them, so I cannot comment on there attributes or aspects. I have heard of Bridgestone being very good in producing a four season tire as well.

I will not comment either, on your choice, but will say that I prefer to invest in the most important piece of equipment on our vehicles (for that matter, any vehicle)... Tires. So I have full blown winter tires during the winter months, and the Advan S.T. for spring, summer and fall.

Good Luck with your search,



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The Yokohama Parada-X are excellent all-season tires that are quiet and handle great. One look at their tread pattern will convince you that they should do well on snow covered streets. Being that I live in San Diego, I don't have any snow-driving experience with these tires yet. However, at times during the winter months, I can find plenty of snow, just 45 minutes from here on Mt Laguna.

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