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Need To Know, Do Not See The Issue


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I apologize in advance if I did not find the answers by searching.

1. Issue number 1, indicator on dash to show burned out light, I have checked all the bulbs, all function. What should I look for next. Sometimes its on, sometimes not. Have checked in light and dark looking for bad bulb.

2. Issue number 2- instantanous fuel mileage display is frozen, we always get 28.4 MPG. What controls this indicator?

3. Issue number 3 center stack display works then does not. Turning off the car and restarting sometimes corrects this? What computer controls the radio display/climate control display. Is this an owner replacable part?

Is there a crossover part list showing Lexus parts vs. other sources resulting in better prices.

Thank you, trying to keep my wife happy.


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For the burnt bulb, you may have a bad contact, but I always found the third brake light lamp was the culprit....Just replace the bulb and see if it is fixed....

I would try disconnecting the battery (good time to clean the electrodes and cable connectors) then turn headlamps switch on to discharge the computer boards and then reconnect and see if the display problem goes away. Yes the display is replaceable by owner...

As for cross of auto parts I found Rock in their parts catalog, you can select a part, then hit info button and it list all vehicles that part fits..

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Like lenore mentioned, disconnect and connect the battery and see if that will reset the center display.

Regarding the burnt light indicator, it's the third brake light. Had that issue come on and off until the third brake light finally burned out on me. Takes about 10 minutes to replace and should solve the issue of the light indicator

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