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Radiator Fans

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I have a 2001 Es300 that has been getting hot when sitting still, but the temp. ga. settles back to normal when moving. I checked to see if the electric fans where coming on and they are not. What is the best procedure to find out what is keeping them from turning on. I do not know how to "check" the sensors or relays. I would preferr not to start replacing things until I find the problem. I really want to learn something here and fix this car as well. Any helpful advice is much apreciated!...keith

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The fans check out ok. The CDS/RDI fuses have continuity. I checked for voltage where the fuses plug in, no voltage. I checked them with a multimeter, with one probe on the neg side of the battery and then probed both terminals for each fuse socket. was that the right way to check it?

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so now you should check the wires for continuity back to the computer (called back probing, just like you did w/ the fuse holders. I don't have schematics/ connector diagrams for the '01, but I bet someone here does or you can find it on line. Not sure where the relays are either.

$60-100 at an independent electric shop would take about an hour to diagnose, vrs longer with you doing it, but hey where's the fun in that?

Might be time to purchase a factory service manual for your es, specially if you plan to keep it.


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