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2002 Lexus Rx 300 - Possible Electrical Problems?


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I do not know much about vehicles, but I bought my Lexus in 2008. It was in excellent condition with 30k miles. About a year ago, my "Trac off" light, VSC light, & check engine light came on. Due to certain life issues, I have not brought my vehicle in to get checked, but I did not notice any problems with the way it ran or what not over the past year. Over the past weekend, my car would not start unless I cranked it several times. I brought it to AutoZone to get the battery checked. The battery was no good, so I bought a new one. Now, my car will not lock/unlock unless I manually lock/unlock it. All my windows - excluding the front driver & sunroof - will not roll down. My air only blows hot air, and I cannot turn my air off. Several lights on my dash board & radio screen area are not coming on. I know I will need to bring it in to get checked out, but does anyone have any ideas on what may be going on? Thanks!

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I hope they didnt cross something when checking battery...I would disconnect battery again and reconnect and see if the problems go away....Also did you get Autozone to check the codes that you had?

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