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Speeding Ticket Excuses?


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Many years ago I used the "new tires" excuse with different rolling diameters (taller tires resulting in incorrect speedo reading). I got away with a warning, probably because I had the recent receipt in glovebox to prove it at the time.

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"Well, you were chasing me afterall!"

Speeding tickets are like zits. The more you pick at it, the worse it becomes. The key to getting out of a ticket isn't with the officer, it's with the lawyer 30 minutes later. The nicer you are to the officer, the easier (and cheaper) it will be for the lawyer to convert it to a parking ticket. That being said:

Last legit ticket I got was in 07', a week after buying my wife a new Mazda 3GT. Driving down the road, didn't realize I was technically in a construction zone, got tagged at 65 in a 50. Cop asked me why I was not upset with him pulling me over, and I cut a joke: "this car makes me feel 16 years old again, and now it's going to cost me like I'm 16 again." He laughed, and wouldn't you know it, did NOT check the little box on the ticket that indicated a "construction zone". Which, allowed the lawyer to make easy work of getting it dropped. Had he checked that box, I'd of been screwed! Construction zones and school zones, are no-no's for speeding, and are not tickets able to be negotiated with in court. They stick, badly.

There wasn't a worker within 10 miles of that site, or a single piece of equipment other than two old cones and a sign that said "construction zone", with a bullet hole in it.

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