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1993 Es300 Rain Water On Rear Right Passenger Carper Floor

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Hi everyone, I am new here. Anyway, my 93 Es300 with 181k miles is collecting significant amount of rainwater (i presume) on the rear right passenger floor carpet. I've read in this forum that it could probably be the clogged sunroof drain what not.

Well, I've poured water on the edges of the sunroof while it was open and the water seems to drain properly under the car near the front right wheel. Before doing this i took the car to a car wash to find out the source of the water, seems like the door seals and other rubber stuff is ok with no evidence of water coming in from the door seals.

The bad part is that I got p i s s ed today and cut the soaked carpet in a square shape (from the amplifier to the seat) using a blade to see the bare metal underneath. The carpet was spongy as hell approximately soaked with 2 liters of water. I also took off the plastic coverings behind the seat-belt and near the floor to find the drain pipe and to my surprise there wasn't any "drain pipe" expect wires. The metal floor has a hole covered with a rubber seal.

BTW, the car is always stationary when it rain. Blame the last week's storm in Chicago.

So guys, I am lost, please help!

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There are 4 sunroof drain tubes, two up front that exit down the A pillars, and two that run from the rear side channels of the sunroof, and exit down through the C pillar and out between the rear bumper cover and the sheet metal, just back of the rear wheel. If those rear drains are plugged, or the drain hose has come off the tube at the sunroof channel, you'll get water into the back seat area. If the tube has come off, its usually because the plastic tubing has aged and split.

Sometimes you can put a long copper tube on the end of a compressor hose, and with the sunroof partially opened, get it back to the rear of the sunroof side channel and blow out the drain tube. The only other way is to pull the weatherstrip from around the rear door, remove the rear seat bottom and back, pop the C pillar moulding off, remove the overhead assist strap, and gently pull down the headliner to get at the end of the drain tube and reattach it or replace it.

The only other way for water to get into the back seat area, is through the trunk seal, the tail lights or the rear windshield. Sometimes the shape of the trunk floor will allow water from these areas to flow forward and into the back seat area.

You have some detective work on your hands. Good Luck!

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