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Remove Front Tag Holder


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Why put a front tag holder on a car going to a non-front-tag state ??? Seemingly, should be a dealer-installed item in a ft. tag-requiring state. Also police radar reflects from a flat surface; why not try to be stealth !!

Key to this innovation is a JC Whitney box of Ford fender flare push fasteners, item # CPKAN922. The fasteners come in 4 colors and just happened to have 10 in white pearlexactly what I was looking for; these installed with silicone sealer/caulk.

Photos below show steps to correct this 'problem'. Check it out.

The inner two 'dents' were caused by the screws in the dealers ad plate being put on; screws were too long or something; hopefully, only the two outer holes would have to be covered on most !!

EDIT: Was at dealers today; found out it was leased in NC but the leasor lived in VA, a 2 tag state. Guess live and learn ~~

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Wish a search here could have found this before I had to buy these plugs; it didn't(maybe I didn't know what name to search for). Anyway, I didn't have to paint pearl paint on them and that is why I bought these; the plugs(covers) are certainly a good and low cost fix.

PS: I have had the car for 2 weeks; it was leased new for almost 3 years by the dealer I bought the car from. I suspect that the front tag holder was installed to advertise the dealership which is what it was doing when I bought the car after it was turned in. May be very common practice because there are many many Lexus cars here with the front holders and this is a NO FRONT TAG state !! But after all, the leased car belongs to the dealer!!

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