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Canadian Friends


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Searched Google and LOC without luck on recent information on the legality of radar detectors in western Canada. Some say legal, others not.

Taking a trip to Banff and Vancouver in September and don't want to have issues.


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The information on the following website looks correct to me:

Being the grandson of a "frostback" I've driven all over Canada on numerous trips ... from BC to PEI. Provinces that prohibit radar detector have so many notification signs that it is impossible to miss them.

If you have never/not recently traveled in Canada, understand the entry (i.e. passport) requirements:

And leave prohibited items at home. The rules are sometimes enforced with vigor as my old-enough-to-know-better (almost 60 year old) cousin found out a couple of years ago when he got nailed at the Ontario border in his beer packed car while following us in on the way to a family reunion. I had similar "fun" when I tried to sneak a couple of cases of Washington state wine into BC in the early 1980's - detained and grilled like I was a terrorist - but I was a "kid" then.

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I did find that Radarbusters site but wanted to make sure. No sense in causing trouble.

We usually carry a handgun (with a CCW) but will leave it home on our trip to Canada.

Good info on the second link as well.

The help and information is appreciated. We are in the process of getting a passport card. Hopefully, it will arrive in time.

The passport website estimates 3 to 5 weeks to process. Who knows what the budget mess will do to that.

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