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Amp Replacement


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I got a blown Nakamichi amp in my '96 LS400. I'm not having any luck finding a working replacement. Are there any other amps that would work as a replacement?? The silence is killin' me.

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Wasn't there another thread from you on this problem? Didn't you buy an amp on eBay and it didn't fix your problem?

Maybe the problem isn't in the amp.

When I could barely hear the right channel of the Nakamichi in my 2000 LS400, everyone assured me that the amp was bad. It wasn't. It was a loose connection in the balance control of the head unit.

When a friend could barely hear his radio with the volume cranked all the way up, he assumed it was the amp. He even bought a new head unit and amp from a member of another forum. His problem was not the amp or the head unit. It was a defective old phone ECU on the right side the trunk. Once we unplugged the phone ECU and plugged the car phone harness connectors together, his radio worked just fine.

I wonder if your Lexus dealer really tested your amp since Lexus no longer supplies either new or refurbished Nakamichi components.

There was another recent thread from someone in Washington state with a non-working Nakamichi in a 95 LS400. Maybe you two could get together and help test each others components. Here is his thread:

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