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Dealer Cross Rotated My Paradas.

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What a lame brain mechanic. Cross rotates a uni-directional tire. I was in the Boston area and about to leave to go back to the DC area. I looked at the front tires (they were turned significantly for parking) and thought "that does not look right". Sure enough, they were backwards. It had been at the dealer a few days earlier for a 30k service. I wonder what else he screwed up. My local guy flipped them back correct at no charge.

I think I'll have my local guy do all non-warranty service from now on. They're historically German car specialists but they've expanded and he said they can work on anything.

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I believe neither of the two different OEM tire sets were unidirectional. This may explain the error - many rotations of non-unidirectional tires. It's like the exercise in which you ask someone to repeat the word "yoik" 6 times, after which you immediately ask that person what the white part of an egg is called. Most people will instintively say "yolk". The tech instinctively rotated as he always does.

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Yeah, the OEM Mich's were non-directional. But a quick look at the Paradas by a "trained" mechanic would show that they are obviously directional. This gets filed under "DUH, pay attention!"

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