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Imperial To Metric

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As the new owner of a very low mileage 09 LS460, I am shocked and disappointed at the weak technology on a few fronts. First the apparent inability to switch to metric when the car is in Canada. My old Lincoln Navigator has this option at the push of a button.

Next is the pathetic satellite radio reception which cuts out at a frustrating rate, making satellite radio a lost cause even when traveling on country roads.Again I have had almost none of this with my other vehicles.

In both cases my dealer says there is no remedy and that Lexus has known about these problems for some years. Any suggestions?

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I get tired of Canadians and Europeans complaining about buying U.S. specification cars and not being able to make then work properly in their home countries. Why did you buy it? Was it because it was much cheaper to buy a U.S. spec car than a Canadian spec car? That's why my Canadian relatives come down here to buy U.S. spec cars but they just deal with the issues you are having. Buck up and stop complaining or spend to extra money to buy a car made for your home market.

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There is a nav setting that allows you to select Kilimeters or Miles for the nav unit. I have a 2011 model LS460 and for it you can push the Setup button / touch General / touch Unit of Measurement / touch either kilometer or Miles.

As for the XM radio I have not experienced any issues in southern Ontario or up north in Algonquin Park or the Muskoka area. I wonder if your antenna has problems.

Although (perhaps predictably) 1990LS460 lacks tack/civility he has a point. If you purchase an automobile in another country there may be local settings you may have to live with. At least you should be able to operate the nav unit in metric units in Canada if you want.

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I agree that you would think by now that Lexus, like some other manufacturers, would design their dash displays to be easily switched. I suppose they can't replicate their luminescent displays (for which they get a lot of praise) in a panel display. Plus it does make it harder for buying across the border and maybe Lexus likes that. I had purchased a US vehicle while living/working in the US and brought it back home. It was not that hard to get used to as both Miles/kilometers are displayed, plus I was more comfortable in Fahrenheit than Celsius anyway.

As to the XM reception I would blame the technology rather than Lexus. XM relies on satellite and for that it needs to see the horizon. I know NB well and I suspect it is due to all the trees there. I have the same problem here on Vancouver Island. Now, if you are having problems in open spaces then, yes, something is wrong with your system.

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