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Es350 Interior Design


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Hey guys,

I was looking at pictures of the 2010-2011 ES350 online and stumbled on an interior shot that caught my eye.

Does anyone notice anything unusual about this interior shot? It's a 2010 ES350 with the gray interior.


How about this one?


After a few minutes of staring at it, trying to discover why it looked SOOO much better than what i thought it looked like, i figured it out. Here a shot of another 2010 ES350 with the gray interior. See the difference?


If you look closely, you'll notice the door armrests in the first pictures are black while the armrests in the last picture are gray. WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE! I think it looks so much better with the black armrest trim!


Anyone know why this ES350 has a black armrest while EVERY other 2010-2011 ES350 i can find has it in gray? The page i found the images on is useless...

At first i thought it came with the package that has the "panoramic roof", but i found some '10-'11 ES's with the gray interior with the panoramic roof and they don't have the black armrests.

What do you guys think? :geek:

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The black armrests come with the Ultra Luxury package. I have never seen a '10+ ES with the grey interior and the UL package that doesn't have the black armrests.

I almost bought a car that was smokey granite and grey UL. I love the black armrests too.

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