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Kyb Gr-2/excel-G Front Struts

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Just in case someone was curious about KYB GR-2/Excel-G shock for their RX350. I found no results on google or tirerack for specifically a RX350. I installed the two front struts on my sister's 08 RX350 AWD with 106K today and I would say the ride is very comparable to stock shocks. It might be a tad stiffer but so subtle I highly doubt the average Lexus owner would notice. It took about 3.5 hours and I changed the bearings as recommended on the manual. Total cost $285, struts 225 and bearings 60. The ride did improve quite a bit, as at 106K, all struts were "tired" to say the least. The rear ones are kinda bad and driving on the highway you can hear a little rattling noise coming from them. It's causing the tires to get uneven wear like scales on a lizard. It's annoying as heck and I am waiting for KYB retailers to carry the rears, as corporate said they were just released a few weeks ago. I highly recommend them. I put them on also my sister's 04 accord which she used for 80K with no problems.

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I didn't find much alternatives to aftermarket struts (actually any parts) for the RX350. The KYB rears struts even right now aren't even available in the US. For some Toyotas, KYB is the OEM supplier. Like I said you don't have much options for the soft ride...except to change out the struts/shocks if they are worn to get some responsiveness back. I keep my tires inflated at 35PSI COLD on all corners and I get decent MPG and even tire wear and better handling. You'd be surprised how much the handling characteristics change from 30 to 35 psi. I guess you could get some anti-roll bars and lowering springs but it might change the driving characteristics too much and you might hate how it rides afterwards. I personally would never mod a RX350, it does what it's suppose to do very well. It's the epitome of a "luxury" suv known for being quiet and comfy...unfortunately there is no flip button for sport mode. I have a 2010 Sequoia Plat with air suspension and it actually makes a huge handling difference between comfort and sport settings. I believe some RX350 come with air suspension, maybe test drive one to see if that makes a difference. Otherwise get a FX50S haha. I've been eying one for months.

As far as struts being s DIY project, all you need are basic mechanics tools: sockets, breaker bar, torque wrench and spring compressor but this is one of the more involved projects with moderate difficulty. This should never be your first project...only reserved for people who can do fluid changes, brakes, etc comfortably and on the fly. There is some danger involved because if the spring decompresses accidentally someone is going to the hospital with a major gash or a crushed skull. If you're a beginner start with fluids and brakes first, they are very easy. The money saved from the fluids alone will pay for your struts and labor. All maintenance performed in the past 106K have probably been under 600 dollars for the parts (engine oil/filter, air filters, coolant, gear lube, v-belt, brake fluid, 1 set of brake pads, power steering fluid, spark plugs, bearings and struts). Not a single thing has broken or been faulty. It's quite amazing actually. On the other hand, my 05 G35 with 136K I've spent maybe 3000 on parts alone and that doesn't include 2 sets of tires. I order OEM parts from ebay and It's the least I've spent on any car. You have to do very little on the up keep on these cars to get to 200K.

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Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely try increasing the psi to 35. I bought my RX350 second hand and I am very happy with it overall. I do all the fluid stuff, brakes, myself but I think I'll leave the struts to a mechanic when the time comes. Would love to talk to someone who has the air suspension.

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