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Intermittent Clicking Sound Under Dash/glove Box


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I read a few of the earlier related posts.

Model : 2001 Lexus RX300

Issue: Sufficiently loud and annoying clicking noise.

Problem exhibits in the following cases:

1) With AC ON or OFF

2) With Cabin air ON or OFF

Problem stops if:

(1) I set the desired temperature setting sufficiently high using the dial. Once this is done whether AC is ON or OFF, whether Cabin air is ON or OFF, the sounds goes away.

(2) On a cooler day the problem may not exhibit itself.

I verified that the AC works, cold air comes through and achieves the desired temperature.

I also verified that when a high temperature is desired (e.g. 82 degree F), there is hot air coming through. I am however not sure if the hot air is coming through the heater (that should work with a cold engine) or coming through the hot engine/radiator (only when the car is driven a few miles).

I did the diagnostic test for the A/C unit, it showed code: 31 and 41 with no tone.

Any help appreciated.

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This is most likely the Air Mix Servo Motor failing. The good news is that is can annoy you a long time before it fails completely. I had and have the same problem but the first time it was "fixed" simply by cleaning the contacts where the control cable connects to the servo board. If you have to replace the air mix servo board, it isn't cheap but I think it's something under $200 but don't quote me on that.

Here is a link to one discussion on the problem. Maybe it'll provide you some insight to the nature of the problem and the fix.

Air Mix Servo Problem

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