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Auto Close Moon Roof

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I have an 2009 RX350. My wife seems to have difficulty remembering to close the moon roof. I believe there is a way to program the car so that the moon roof auto closes when the car is shut off. I did it once on a Toyota Camry I had by holding the open button on while turning on the key. I have not been able to find the instructions to get the 09 RX 350 to do this. Can anyone help?

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I've owned Lexus vehicles for 21 years and have lists of customizable features for a variety of Lexus models and I have never heard of that kind of feature. Maybe it's time for a "trade in" ... the wife, not the car. :whistles:

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I'm pretty sure you can't do that on the RX.

You can close all windows and sunroof by turning the key in the driver's door lock and holding it till everything closes.

You can't use the remote to do the same thing (otherwise the panic alarm sounds)

Note, you can set the sunroof and windows (or just the windows) to OPEN when you hold the remote button down.



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