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Need Pre-Purchase Advice On A 08 Rx 400H


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Hello - I am sorry if some of my questions have been asked/ answered before but I am hoping to get to some real human / non salesperson info before I make a purchase decision.

I have had four BMWs and I loved them but I grew tired of the repairs. My latest, a 98 M3 only lasted to about 84k miles before the amount to repair the car exceeded it's blue book value. I have looked at / driven Audi / Volvo / Porsche and Lexus and I really found I liked how QUIET the Rx400h was - i thought the fir and finish looks good and even though I think it's an ugly body style I think it's time to be pragmatic.

Anyway, my questions are...

How is the car in the longer term as far as interior body integrity?( My wifes Subaru has all sorts of rattles, clips and knobs breaking, after 5ok miles)

I have read a lot about some older RX models having only about 100k life on the tranny? Anyone with a 2007-08 have those problems?

If you had one and sold it...why? There are soooooooo many used RX out there from private parties. Whenever you ask anyone selling a car they always give you a save neutral reason...downsizing...buying a new one....etc but no one is ever critical. I have heard they are "boring" to drive but not much else.

Sorry for the long question but I just just hoping for some honest feedback positive or negative from the Lexus RX community.

Thanks in advance,

Reeve B.

Seattle, WA

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