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90' Ls400, Brakes Master Cylinder Or Booster Problem?


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Hey guys,

I have a 90' LS400 and a few days ago the brakes went completely out. The brake pedal would go all the way to the floor when depresses and the car wouldn't stop--

I brought the the car into a shop to have the brakes checked. The brake pads had not been replaced in a while so the shop replaced, all (4) pads and (4) rotors, and they flushed and bled the entire system... unfortunately this didn't fix the problem,...The new brakes and rotors improved the issue slightly and now the pedal doesnt go all the way to the floor, but you still need to pump the brakes and have to push very hard to stop the vehicle.

The shop claims that its most likely a bad brake booster, since the Master Cylinder is only two years old-- But they weren't positive-- However, the next day I took the car to different repair shop and they checked out the car and they think that it might be a failed Master Cylinder!?

I was wondering if anyou had any thoughts,..?

Thanks in advance!


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Sounds like a master cylinder to me. Pedal drop has nothing to do with the booster unit.

Why did the first shop change the pads, and the rotors? Were they worn to the limits, or did they just think it a "good thing to do"?

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