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1999 Es300 - Cel P0325

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Hi all,

I became the proud owner of a 1999 ES300 about 8 months ago. She's got ~82k miles right now and seems to run smooth for the most part.

A couple of days ago the CEL came on (along with the trac off light, which from what I've read is standard when a CEL is thrown) - I borrowed my brother's OBDII scanner and found that the CEL code is P0325. Given that the code is knock related, I was hoping a new tank of gas from a different station may solve the problem - but after clearing the code and driving about 50 miles, the light (and the same code) came back.

Being new to the Lexus realm, I wanted to inquire and see what the possible causes of the code could be - most obvious being a bad knock sensor... but with my previous cars, there were always other possible problems to throw a CEL that may not fit the code exact.

Any input, etc would be greatly appreciated! If it is a bad knock sensor, how difficult is it to replace for a DIYer? I'm no mechanic, but I can be pretty handy with a wrench when required (I've replaced turbos, clutches and timing belts with help from friendly forum people/relatives with the cars I drove in my previous life).


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Thanks for the information! It seems most other people that get the P0325 code also get P0330... which I didn't get. I hope that's a good thing.

There has been a new development - I drove to work today and also ran to get some lunch. On my lunch run, the CEL disappeared.

Over the weekend it was pretty rainy here, and today it was very hot. Is there any chance the CEL could've been tripped by the massive amounts of water I had been driving through (and cleared now that the car has dried out)?

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