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Advice Needed Regarding How To Interact With Dealership Regarding Dama

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IMO, there isn't much you can do unless you had a "walk around" inspecition of your car with the service writer - documenting all existing flaws - when you dropped off your car. I suppose you could tell the dealer that you think they did this damage and see what they say. Try to be cordial if you do that ... can work better than being upset when you talk with them.

When I use a car dealer for repairs or service - I rarely do that - I remind the service writer of the excellent condition of my car and that it does not have a single dent or ding and that I would like my car back in the same condition. That seems to get their attention. I never allow a dealer or repair shop to clean and wash my car after it is serviced -- I've found that the cleanup guys (and the porters) do the most damage.

The main reason I do most of the minor maintenance myself (e.g. oil changes) is to limit damage. I wouldn't dream of taking a car to one of those "Iffy-Lube" type quick oil change places and give some teenager a chance to trash my car.

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UGH... similar incident happened to me last year.

I had dropped my car off before i went away on vacation to have them perform a TSB for the AC system. When i returned i picked up the car, and on my drive home i noticed the radio and navigation had chips/scratches along with a few interior vinyl and wood pieces. I turned right back around and showed them, and they tried to tell me they were "already there"- which they were of course not.

After a few weeks of calling/emailing/talking loud in the service waiting area, the head of the service/parts department agreed he'd "help me". He ended up finding parts from another car waiting to be sold as a CPO, and switched them with mine.

In your case that solution probably wouldn't be possible since exterior doors really can't be "switched", but i'd suggest keep on calling and nagging them. Insist you maintain your car well and that the damage wasn't there prior.

Keep nagging them... :(

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