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Man. I am so mad that I can't find the right wheel with the correct offset anywhere. Neeper has the new Rize wheel coming out, which I like the look but they only offer a 20x8.5. I want a rim with the same offsets as bluelex has listed on here time and time again for everyone.....a 20x8.5 fronts with 44mm offsets and 20x10's on the rear with a 48mm offset but I can't find a 5 star wheel with a deep lip except the NC Forged wheel which is $1,178 a piece :o

Do any of you know of any other wheels...prefereably a deep dish 5 star with those offsets and sizes? I am willing to pay $2,500 for "JUST" the wheels but not more.

Thanks for any help that any of you may be able to provide, Brent.

This is a 2001 GS300 as well.

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i was just going 2 post that same wheel, they make a 20x8.5 front 20x10 rear...those r one piece wheels, which r good 4 the money imo... my buddy got them in 19's 4 his sc....i'm sure they have an offset close 2 mine but even if its a little lower u should b fine and have that nice satggrd look with a nice rear lip...good luck man...

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Thanks man.

BTW, Neeper won't have those rims out for another 2-3 months they say.....go figure. It's only because I am ready to buy now.

What offset do you think will work with 20x8.5 rims all the way around and not give me rubbing problems. I found a few rims that I like but they only go to 8.5's with like 40mm and 45mm offsets. Some have been 42mm offsets.

Here are a few that I am looking at:

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Well, that's great if you don't mind the fact that you won't be able to rotate your tires, as if 20" tires last long WITH rotations, :rolleyes: have fun n good luck!

Yup...gotta pay to play. This modding thing is an expensive addiction...I mean hobby. :D

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