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Pilkington Windshield

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Hi all, my GS350 2008, had to replaced the windshield with a Pilkington made in Mexico. Now on highway driving, I noticed wind noise, it is not consistent, and sounds like I have 1/8 of an inch or less of a window open or am I just imagining it. The installer said it's the same thickness as the original Asahi Glass Company, and there is no water leak after a car wash. I was thinking perhaps the 5 clips on each side of the molding need to be replaced, although they are not broken.

And coincidentally there's a rattling noise coming from the dashboard when driving on a rough street.

There's not a lot of components to keep the windshield in place, rubber strip from a caulking gun, pieces of rubber/foam to keep the glass from touching the metal frame, a couple of white seats which I believe the glass rest on, that's it.

Has anyone experienced this or anything remotely similar? Any guesses or ideas are appreciated it. Thanks.

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There is a service bulletin that all dealers are aware of...I had this fixed on my '08 a few months back...they end up changing the clips that hold the dash.

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Thank you! Where can I find the service bulletin? and which clips are you referring to? I like to purchase them and have them installed and w/o going through the Lexus dealer. How many clips are there? Thank you again.

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