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I am thinking of tackling the front brakes and rotors on my 2007 RX 350, I have average skills and looks pretty straight forward ( chime in here if you know something I dont!)

question is what type ( brand ) rotors and pads should I get , ceramic, regular ??? any recomendations?

When I go online I get many supposed "OEM " parts

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How many miles are on your RX? The reason I ask is that rotors can last way over 200,000 miles on most vehicles made by Toyota. For example, at 140,000 miles, the original front rotors on my 2000 LS400 are still at exactly the same thickness as when the car rolled out of the factory.

I don't know where you live but here in the Midwest, my indie Lexus trained mechanic installed new front OEM brake pads and machined my rotors for about $225. That's so cheap and he does such a great job that it's not worth my time to do it myself.

Some people say that it is not necessary to machine the rotors when doing a brake job. I say bullsh!t to that. Do the job right and avoid any hint of brake pulsing.

Do your front brake pads need to be replaced? Are you getting a "low pad" warning or have you measured your brake pad thickness with a gauge? Minimum pad thickness on my car and most Toyota vehicles is just one millimeter and it's a waste of money to replace them prematurely.

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Thanks for the information

well I only have 90,000 and the brakes were replaced at 50,000,and rotors were turned. I do not have a light on but I get a distinct pulsating coming down from highway speed ( 75-80) feels like rotors are a bit warped?

I have always found the pulsing to bad rotors and to change pads when replacing them ???

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