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Aux Plug On Navigation For 3.5 Mm?

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I've never heard of Toyota putting an aux-in port on the back of any of their radios. There may be been a dealer installed option available but I don't see one in the official option list for a 2008 RX350. There are a number of aftermarket solutions including popular ones from

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I've checked out various aux input solutions, but you would think on a modern expensive vehicle like a Lexus that they would incorporate an aux input on the dash. Thanks for the quick response.

I've long noticed that Toyota tends not to make as many changes to vehicle features on a running basis as many other car makers. Toyota is more likely to introduce new audio system features when a major model redesign is introduced ... as when an "Auxiliary iPod/MP3/Windows Media Audio (WMA) port" was added as standard equipment when the generation 3 2010 RX was introduced in 2009.

Look on the bright side. There are a number of very nice, inexpensive aftermarket solutions available for your RX and for most 2001-up Lexus vehicles. I wish I had your aftermarket audio solution choices for my 2000 LS but I'm going to tough it out for a few more years.

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