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Transmission Fluid Change Gone Bad!

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I changed the transmission fluid last week. I drained it with the drain plug then added 3.7 quarts of Mobil 1 ATF. Unfortunately the frame of my car is bent in a way that blocks a couple of the bolts to the oil pan, so I couldn't take it off to change the transmission filter.

The problem is now the transmission fluid level reads very high and it still looks brown like it did before the fluid change! No improvement in the color whatsoever! (The old fluid that drained out did have some red in it but it didn't look fresh at all)

Is there a special way to change the transmission fluid? And what do I do now? Will the fluid level eventually settle down?

Also, my speedometer doesn't work for the first few hundred feet of going, and for the first 5-10 MPH. This I only saw in the past couple days.

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Thanks! I guess I'll try again after the heat wave cools down.

I'll try draining it with the car running, and I'll more carefully measure how much fluid I get out. My plan is to get a clear tupperware-type container and somehow measure by the quart and draw lines on the outside of it.

Could I just let the car idle in park while draining, or should I be shifting it a little while draining?

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I would not do that....There is a procedure for removing one of the tranny lines going to the cooler and running car, and add fluid as it is draining...You would add until the fluid changes to a bright color. But running it while draining through the drain plug is not a good idea. You will starve the pump and possibly cause damage.

here is a video

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