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Removing Crankshaft Pulley Rx 300


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I am going to do a timing belt replacement, and need some info.

Can someone out there tell me wether the bolt on the crankshaft pulley is righthand or lefthand threads?

Thanks CBUM

LOL! Lefty loosey, righty tighty. Not reverse thread. Let me know how long it takes you. My last one took 45 minutes! I wish I could get a case of beer and a lawn chair to watch a newbie do that one!

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Thanks for the reply and info. I think if you did this a few times, it would be pretty fast job. Can't imagine why they want $1200 to do it!! I would do them for that price too!!

We charge $550. They're probably selling you a lot "Preventative Maintenance" that you really don't need. BTW, I can't imagine doing this job in my driveway with only hand tools. If this is your first one(and you'll probably never do another), It would be worth the $550 to pay the dealer. Ask your dealer how much for just the timing belt replacement. Unless you have leaks from the front of the engine, you don't need to replace anything else.

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