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Does anyone know how to analise a OBD2 "PO446" on my 1999 es300 Lexus. The engine and trac off light came on and then I ran a code test with my Actron CP125. The code read: "2 codes" "PO446 and PO446 pd." I just recently turned over a 100,000 miles on the car and have relatively minor problems with my Lexus in the past. It might the evaporative canister but would like some experineced input first before shelling out a lot of $$$ for this. All experienced answers welcomed.....Mike

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thanks LL,

I should have FIRST read all the useful past info posted here at this site regarding this problem with other members. They support and agree with your assessment. A lexus technician even mentioned doing a 'smoke' test but I don't have access to that kind of equipment. The general resolution was replacing the charcoal cannister that already comes with valve attached to it but can be sold sold separatley. I priced a OEM cannister and attached valve at $300 and change, including shipping and handling from an (I belive.) Several mentioned that this resolved and took care of the PO446 problem. It was also posted and mentioned that the exhaust system does not need to be completely removed to access the old and install the new cannister on the passengers side underneath my es300....very good stuff. The last charcoal cannister on my previous 1997 ES300 was about $700. including labor from my mechanic. Doing this myself sounds much better. I'll post back later when I get the part and hopefully positive results.

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I have same issue with my 2000 ES300. All three codes. I've replaced the gas gap and still get codes. Now going to replace the cannister.

Question: Is there any difference (besides price) between the Toyota part 77740-33122 and the Lexus part 77740-33122 ??

Thks much for your reply.

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