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Need Help - Take Of Spoiler ?

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I want to take of the original rear Spoiler of my 1994 SC300.

How is the color under the spoiler, and is it difficult to take it of? Do I have to repaint the piece under it?

Thank you for every answer.


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According to , a rear spoiler was not an option on the 1994 SC300 - only on the SC400. The specs on the Lexus website, however, are usually accurate but I've seen at least one error. If your SC300 has a high mounted stop light or remnants of one in the rear window, then your spoiler is definitely aftermarket or maybe a dealer installed OEM one meant for the SC400. This is very common. My wife's Camry has a factory rear spoiler but I see lots of other Camrys that have an identical spoiler that I can tell is aftermarket due to there being a high mounted stop light in the rear window in addition to the LED brake light in the spoiler.

Have you removed the trunk lid trim to look for bolts holding the spoiler on? If it is an aftermarket spoiler, the trunk lid will, of course, be painted under it although the paint under it may not match the rest of the car due to no sun exposure. I would be surprised if the trunk lid isn't fully painted even if your spoiler was factory installed.

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