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2002 Ls430 - Just Got It, Getting Upgrades, But Needs Work-Help


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Hi all, great site. Reading the stickys and the FAQs, but need some live help as well. Just took delivery off the truck of my 2002 LS430 tonight.

While the LS430 is everything I'd hoped, I'm not exactly happy with my specific car. Bought it from Stellar Autos in Pompano Beach FL. Subwoofer blown, telescopic wheel inoperable, steering wheel woodgrain cracked to bits, nav is version 1.0 from 2001. May paint the car, tons of bumps, bites, and bruises that dealer never listed. Tank was left bone-dry empty, I may run out of gas on way to station. None of this was disclosed, presented as like-new condition in every way. Nice guys.

Anyway, already have Volo v12 chip, Injen intake, Blitz catback on the way. Wanting to upgrade to Azuka Belle 761 20's and Pirelli pZero Nero 245/35, too. Thoughts on repair list? So much of my budget tied up in upgrades, didn't expect paint to be a factor. Any ideas on how to get bang for the buck? I hate the thought of Maaco touching this amazing car.

Thanks for your help!!!


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