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Do You Tip For An Auto Detail At Dealership?


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He's paying a HUGE markup for that detail anyways. My dealer sent me a flyer with prices for their "details" and as a former professional detailer myself the prices made me laugh out loud...

Personally I would treat it as any other dealer service and he probably won't ever even see the detailer that did the job...

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And the dealer farms it out to a private detailer, they just double what they're paying him and charge you that...

I recently had a small scuff on a wheel fixed at the dealer. I called the guy they recommended and he asked me if I was at the dealer for service and I said no. He did it for me for cash...presumably what the dealer pays him...$30. Had I booked it through the dealer and paid the dealer? $150. He did it right there on the dealer lot too...we just cut out the middleman.

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Yeah, I'm all about dropping a big tip for good work, but in this case the markup is too high. Be careful going to a dealership for detail work though; my buddy's an engineer and he says that's usually the lowest rung on the detailing ladder. You'll probably be okay at a Lexus dealer, but you'd be better off with a specialist.

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