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2006 Is 350 In For Valve Springs - Driving A 2011 Is250

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I got a notice about valve spring recall on my 2006 IS350 so I took it to the dealer yesterday for replacement. They told me they would have my car for at least 3 days and gave me a 2011 IS250 loaner with only 5k miles on it.... I think anyone who goes from driving a used car to a almost brand new one will say they prefer the new one, even though it's a lesser model, and I am no exception...

My 2006 has 68k miles on it... And is 5 years old. I get that... But I can't believe the difference... The 2011 rides smoother, even though it has the same size tires on it as my IS... And is significantly quieter...

I'm wondering if Lexus made some major noise dampening improvements in the newer model year IS cars? Or could it be that the Y rated Dunlop SP Sport 2050 tires on the IS250 are just a much quieter tire then my Z rated Hankook Vantus tires? Prior to the Hankook, I had the stock RE050 Bridgestones which were also extremely loud.

Anyway, maybe I just need to get some quieter tires. I don't need Z rated tires, and if the Y rated ones are THAT much quieter then the Z (Or maybe Hankook and Bridgestone tires just suck) then there is something to be said about that...

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Tires are most likely the biggest contributor to observed difference in quietness.

I just had my 2007 IS350 value springs done, car was in shop for 2 days. I had a new loaner 2011 ES350 w/17" wheel/tire setup, very quiet.

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