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Closing The Loop On My 2009 Awd Transmission Problem

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I just want to follow-up on what has happened regarding the transmission problem I was having with my 2009 LS460 SWB AWD that I purchased used in 2010. If you are interested in the details they can be found in my posts here:http://www.clublexus...-low-speed.html

here: http://www.clublexus...awd-owners.html

and here:

In summary, I had a severe transmission shudder over a wide speed range. After convincing the Lexus rep, the transmission, torque converter, transmission computer and engine computer were all replaced but there was zero improvement. I know others on this board have reported similar problems without any joy from Lexus. I am not sure why I was successful in getting these parts replaced other than the possibility that my car's problem was significantly worse.

After some negotiating, that eventually involved personal discussions with Mr. Octavio DaCosta, the National Manager of Lexus here in Canada; we arrived at a buyback deal.

I paid a total of $24,700 and, in return, I got a brand new 2011 SWB AWD that had the technology package (MRSP$9250 - my 2009 was only the standard vehicle) and includes the maximum ECP warranty of eight years/200,000 kilometers.

I would have preferred if my original car could have been repaired and wish it had not taken a full year to eventually solve the problem but, in the end, I am happy with this arrangement with Lexus. Throughout this process my dealer (Metro Lexus Victoria) has been fantastic. They kept me informed all the way and I really felt they were on my side. I also think Lexus has given me a fair deal, especially when you consider they have already put over $15,000 in parts alone into my old car.

I also want to thank the other members on the Club Lexus board who were kind enough to take the time to provide me with detailed feedback on how their own AWD performed. It convinced me, and may have convinced Lexus, that the behavior of my car was not "normal".

The nine years that I owned my LS430 convinced me that Lexus is capable of producing flawless vehicles and I now look forward to a long problem-free period with this 2011.

PS – I have noticed that the engine noise (often attributed to the high pressure direct injection) was much louder on the 2009. It is still present on the 2011 but not all the time and very faint compared to the 2009.

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