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07 Rx350 Cel And Vsc

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Hi, I have an 07 RX350 with approx 92k km's. out of the blue the CEL and VSC light came on. Did the gas cap thing and this solved the problem for a little while but they came back on. Vehicle was running rough and I checked the coded and p300 and p356 came up. This morning I was all set to take it in, but now the lights are off again and its running fine. I'm going to see what happens over the next little while but wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or can offer any suggestions. Thanks Rob

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CEL and VSC lites came on oneweek after purchase of 2007 RX350 64K. Showed error code P0354.(If yours shows same you are in luck.) Ignition coil D is culprit here. It's the front center coil. Good news-your WIFE can replace it (Would also suggest replace spark plug at this time) Remove engine cover. Disconnect clip attached to coil. Pull off faulty coil. Remove spark plug (5/8 socket) Install new plug(use anti-sieze) Push new coil onto plug (use dialectic grease inside boot) Re-connect clip. You are done. 10 minutes. Both lites will go off.

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Hi I was hoping you could help with a similar problem. My code reader is coming back with p0301 followed by p0352 and then p0300 all the way to p0306. I have had lexus replace two bad coils in the past year and am ticked that it has happened again. Are p0300 to p0306 coming up because of p0352? ie if i replace coil 2 is there a good chance the remainder will go away? Or is the reader having problems identifying which specific coil has is misfiring? Any advice appreciated. The two I've had replaced are D, code p0354 and 6 from code p0356.

Thanks very much.

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