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Vibration In Gearshift & Missing


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I have a 92 ls 400, the front y pipe needs replacing, which I haven't done yet. Several days ago my started to vibrated very bad at the gear shift and acted like it was missing. It does this at mostly low speeds. I thought it was the type of gas (using lower octane) so I filled up with premium and put fuel injector cleaner in it. It ok for a day or so and then started it again. I just put new brake rotors, and pads on the vehicle. Does this sound like a oxygen sensor problem? I'm going to get another ypipe from Rock Auto, my mechianc said to get a oxygen sensor also. What type of oxygen sensor do I need to get. Looked on the Rock Auto site, and am totally confused.

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Before buying parts at random,read the fault codes then you will have more of an idea. A faulty O2 sensor will not cause a misfire.

If no codes are found a common misfire cause is one of the coil packs failing but again you will need to confirm before replacing.

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