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Electrical Problems On 2003

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I just picked up a 2003 ES300 with 58K Miles. The car was purchased from a Hyundai/Mazda new car dealer.

The Car-Fax said that it had been in their possession for around a year, and therefore not driven.

I currently have the following "Electrical Gremlins"

1. The VSC and Traction Control Off Lights are on.

2. Initially both the Rear Electric Windows didn't work, now just the Driver's side doesn't work.

3. The Open Trunk Button in the car doesn't work, but the same button on the key fob does.

4. One of the Driver's Power Seat controls affecting height doesn't work, while the others all do.

I hope that these problems are the result of the car not being used, and aren't a sign of a large amount of Electrical Problems to come. Could someone please be so kind as to give me their viewpoint on this issue?

Also, as the car was actually built in 2002, I'm driving around with a 9 year old timing belt. Would you recommend changing this as a pre-emptive maintenance move, so that I won't wind up in trouble later?

What about all of the other Belts, Hoses, filters, etc?

Thanks in advance for your assistance with these questions.

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Item 1 - Have you confirmed that the Trac button under the dash is set to on?

Item 2 - Possible that you have a faulty switch or regulator

Item 3 - Check inside the glove box and make sure that the switch to turn off the interior trunk release isn't engaged.

Item 4 - Can't help you there. It is possible for the switch to go bad.

Yes - have the timing belt and tensioner done from an age perspective alone. If it snaps, your engine is toast. Water pump should be ok giventhe low miles.

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