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Rattling Noise Behind Center Console


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On my 2000 RX300, there is a noise coming from the center console like behing the console where the shifter, radio and temparature control area. The noise starts as soon as the ignition is switched, even before the engine is turned on. It is like a rattling, turning noise. Not too loud but enough that you can hear it. Please let me know if anyone have had this or heard of this; and if there is a fix.


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The description you provide sounds like the ticking sounds that were coming from behind the dash of my RX300 about a year ago. Search this site for "air mix servo" and "mode servo (air outlet)". There are three behind the dash (the last is the air inlet servo). The first two I mentioned are right together behind the glove box. They can be replaced without draining the coolant or AC refrigerant. Most on this site recommend replacing both since they generally get the same amount of wear. I have attached a document that will help if you plan on doing it yourself. The part numbers for the servos are:

mode servo 87106-30371

air mix servo 87106-30340

Good luck!

Air Conditioning (AC) file.pdf

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BTW, if you plan to clean and reuse the servos be sure to make a note of the arm position prior to disassembly. I cleaned mine first. Worked for a while then started noise again. I guess its best to do it right the first time. It is too difficult to have to repeat.

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The Rattle noise, Lexus issued a TSB to this effect, have a look, hope this solves the rattle problem.

if you are under warranty, take a copy of this TSB and ask the dealer to have this complied. Otherwise you may have

to do it your self seeing the TSB from a private garage.


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