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Window Sweeps


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I'm trying to locate some rubber window sweeps for a 1992 Lexus Ls400. By this I mean the narrow rubber "squeege" like gasket that lays against the bottom of the outside passenger door windows and seals against water.

Dealer would only quote me for the entire window trim assembly. And at $350.00 to buy this per window. There has got to be a source, or substitute, for these sweeps that don't cost that much.

New is prefered, but used, in good condition, is OK as well.

Can anyone help me in this search? My '92 is in for a complete, top of the line paint job at a place that restores now is the time to fix this problem. Love this car.

Many thanks to the knowlegable membership of this forum.

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The attached diagram is from in Texas where I have bought a number of parts at good prices. Is this what you are looking for? I registered with my ClubLexus forum member name to get these prices ... not sure if they take your member name from this forum but let us know. I'm guessing that the Sewell parts listing may be a little out of wack and that some of the prices shown are for the rear doors.

Here are the individual part numbers from . You may have to register to see the diagrams there and if you do it can take a day or two for your account to be activated:


68170‑50010 RH

68220‑50010 LH


68190‑50010 RH

68240‑50010 LH

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Well, what do you know? It's exactly what I need.

Thank you very much. I was having dreams of water just ruining everything inside the door eventually. I'm at about 8,000 ft. and you can literally watch the UV radiation dissolve rubber parts like this.

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