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P/s Pump//threading Stripped Outside Of Pulley


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This is my first time posting a forum on this site and i need all your help!!! This site has helped me out so much in the past in maintaining and repairing my ls on my own (just want to say thank you to everyone!). I have recently replaced both my alternator and p/s pump on my 90 ls400, took only a couple of hours until the very last step, applying the bolt that holds the pulley to the p/s pump. It was an OEM p/s pump and i completely stripped the threading from front to back. :chairshot: What can i do to fix this without buying a new p/s pump!? I've gone to all my local auto stores to try and find re-threading tools but they barely have anything metric and their biggest size is only a 12mm. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks you so much for the time!

90 ls400

180k miles

drives like a dream

Thank you!!! ,,,stephen NC

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Do you mean you stripped the threads on the main drive shaft? The shaft with the splines matching up for the pulley. Sheered them right off? I don't see how you could strip those threads as the shaft is quite substantial. I would think you couldn't hold the shaft well enough to get sheer forces to break those threads.

Or is it you just bent a couple of threads by say hammering the end of the shaft and deforming the first few threads? If this is the case you could maybe get a grinder and cut down the first couple of offending starter threads enough that you can get a nut started and on to the in tact threads.

Not really sure what we are talking about here.

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No not the splines. The pulley if perfectly fine. But once you put the pulley on there's no bolt to lock it into place...because the threading for that bolt is stripped and thats the problem i am trying to fix. I did it by hand and the threading closest to the pulley///splines stripped.

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Well I guess you're out about $120 for a new pump.... Maybe go somewhere and have pulley pressed on rather than using nut to press it onto the splines..

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